My drawings, paintings and sculpture depict dream sequence images crafted around stories. The idea of change as a constant propels me to build narratives of mini-ecosystems that harbor their own natural life forces. A vision guides me in laying the groundwork for each piece. Then, characters, scenes and interactions develop as the story unfolds before me in an intuitive process. 

‚ÄčThe impetus behind my imagery is this central theme: the flux of life. My work addresses the spiritual battle of good versus evil and the cycles of birth and death. I explore the inclusion of archetypal subjects like the Virgin and Child, Greek mythological figures, Archangels and spirits, and hybrid creatures to trace our stories' origins.

In my two-dimensional drawings, I spontaneously lay down marks until I notice patterns and shapes amidst the lines. Paper as a canvas reinforces the temporal quality of life and provides a surface that yields to imperfections. In my paintings, I use an overall vision to incorporate intuitive brushstrokes, which build the ground for the narrative. When I sculpt, I use a subtractive method to form terra cotta clay into creatures which reveal themselves as Monsters Under the Bed. 


Daniela Marini is an artist born and raised in New York. Before attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, she studied Psychology, the basis of her artistic inquiries. She believes in the power of storytelling and its ability to strengthen human connection. Spending time viewing nature centers her, offering moments of clarity in her artistic process. She is an art teacher for young students who also inspire her everyday.

Artist Statement:  Daniela Marini